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Me First Approach


What I Do:


I help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals that feel stuck in their business, career, or other areas of their life to create space in order identify what’s really important to them, to identify and overcome what’s holding them back, and to help them to pursue what they really want in life.


Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals can get stuck working IN their business, unable to gain any traction or positive momentum in their business or personal life, like they’re stuck in the same grind every day, life passing them by, riding that same merry-go-round, never having the time or opportunity to pursue or accomplish what they really want in life.


What I do is help people to see where, why, and how they’re stuck, to get out of the day-to-day survival mode, to work ON their business instead of IN it, to help them get clear on what they really want, and to formulate a strategy and course of action to achieve what they truly want in life.


At the same time, they can also realize a more profitable and valuable business, improved self-confidence, a better understanding of themselves, improved health (physically, mentally, and emotionally), and a better family life.



Why I Do It:


I’ve done what I’ve written above myself.  I used to be an employee of my own business, hand-cuffed to it, performing all the daily activities to keep it running myself. 


Now I work on my business rather than in it, making it work for me instead of the other way around.  I am larger than my business, and it serves my purpose now.


Along the way, I found I had to change some things about my perspective, my behavior, and myself, in order to achieve what I want to both professional and personally.


It is my belief that other entrepreneurs and business owners can achieve what I have, and I want to share my experiences and results with them and see them achieve what it is they really want in life.  I feel extremely fortunate to have accomplished what I have, and it’s my passion to help others do the same.



How I Do It:


I approach every client as a unique situation.


I don’t believe that the path is the same for everyone.  There are no set steps progressing linearly forward.  There is no one methodology for becoming free of your business and accomplishing what you want.  I believe that running a successful business that works for you and that suits your lifestyle is about more than sales, delivery, and cashflow.  I believe it starts with you as an individual.


I meet you where you are presently, discover with you where you want to go, what’s holding you back, how to overcome it, and then develop a plan and course of action to get there.


This involves more than just business-centric topics like sales and marketing, profit and loss, and balance sheets.  We start with you as a person, your values, intentions, and circumstances.  We work on you as a person and leader as much as business owner.  We take a “Me First” approach that develops you personally in order to develop your business. 



What Makes Me Different:


Unlike a lot of professional coaches, I have been there, done that.  I’ve done everything I talk about in my coaching.  I have been in sales and marketing for 25+ years, have done inside sales, outside sales, and I’ve worked on 100% commission.  I’ve sold door-to-door, and sold in boardrooms; I’ve sold items from $5 to seven-figure software packages.  I’ve negotiated, re-negotiated, and then negotiated again.  I have led sales teams and still lead my own company on a daily basis.  I’ve dealt with problem employees and IRS problems.  I developed a company culture in my own business that reflects who I am as a person and my beliefs.  I’ve successfully led my business through the financial crisis in 2008 and the Covid-19 crisis in 2020.


I am a student of life, always learning, always growing, using intuition as much as experience.  I do not try to fit every situation into an existing methodology or coaching protocol; rather I accept every client as an individual with a unique life experience, expectations, needs, and desires, and then work with them to create a unique strategy that suits them, their circumstances, and their style.

I have my own coach and mentor whom I rely on to challenge me and hold me accountable, and who helps me continually grow and improve.


What To Expect:


Support and accountability.


This coaching is 100% about you and your growth and accomplishing what you want to accomplish.  I will support you 100% along the way, while also holding you accountable.


We will work together in the beginning to determine what you consider “success” to be from the coaching, then deliver a plan to achieve that. 


We will accomplish your goals with smiles and a sense of humor.  We will learn to be very self-aware — and brutally compassionate.


I will get you to look at your life and business in a way that you haven’t ever seen it before.  I will also get you to think about your life and your business differently.


We will be open, accessible, and non-judgmental.  It is not my place to judge, but to help and encourage and, in the beginning, to lead.  Then you will take over and lead yourself.


In 6 months working with me, you’ll start to discover what’s really important to you, what you really want in life, what’s holding you back, and how to align your actions to your intentions in order to pursue the life you want.

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